Screencast to promote questioning

This video is to help you to fix bugs in your software.
So we’ve been doing block coding with Blockly and it’s all great.
It’s all good fun making a snowflake or trying different patterns until we get stuck and we don’t know how to move forward and it’s not doing we want to do.

So when our code, even if it’s block code, doesn’t do what we want it to do, we call it a bug. And bugs are things that are wrong with our code
And they’re called bugs because they’re often small and they are annoying and they are sometimes
difficult to find. Let’s learn how to fix bugs together and then how to fill in our bug log.

So I got into trouble with a code challenge on puzzle 5 at the beginning of puzzle 5 there’s little clue which says to be sure to turn by a 120 degrees before each new square.

If you remember we have to create squares in a pattern. So when I came across this so didn’t
really know what to do. I had done this before where I had moved forward by 100 pixels and turned right by 90 degrees and repeat that four times to make one square.

I didn’t really know with these are the things were so I just clicked run to see what happened
Now it gave me an error message. Well that’s very useful but I can’t quite understand it. Try replacing question mark question mark question mark with a value.

Let’s try again and if I look at the code we’ve got question mark question mark question mark here. But if I click on it I can replace it with the value 3 to 10. Well when i did this before I clicked
on four to repeat it four times so we’ll try that.
And we’ve got another question mark here and let’s change that. And when I did it before
I did it to 90 degrees to make a square so let’s try that and see what it says. So let’s click Reset, make it go a little bit faster and then Run.

So it’s kind of right, but not it’s not quite right. So what’s happened? Here it says, Ah, another error message. “Repeat three times”.

Let’s have a look at that again. I’ve got that wrong. If we change that to 3. Let’s reset it and try again.

It hasn’t turned by the right amount, what have I done? And it’s given me another clue here. “Turn right by 120 degrees”. So let’s try again. And I can change that there. So that’s useful the error messages it’s giving me allow me to change my code and remove the bugs from it.

So if we tried again it’s turning by the right amount.