Duct Tape University – experimental OER project for communities

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Summary:  Duct Tape University Рan OER discovery and publishing tool for learning communities.

Open Educational Resources (OER) search and sharing tools exist but they often prove difficult to browse. The primary issues here are the size of the resource and the lack of specific search terms / tools. Many repositories  are too big and not specific enough for the majority of users.

It appears that there is a need for similar but smaller-scale tools based on existing CMS frameworks. These would be suitable for informal networks of learning providers, discrete projects /courses and institutions without large budgets to implement larger software projects.

This project will evaluate existing frameworks to create a small-scale, searchable OER repository which uses LRMI metadata to it integrate into a wider eco-system of remixable OER. The approach should be light-weight and replicable as possible.

The project is the summer project of M. Chesterman Msc Student at Man Met University supported by tutor Peter McKenna.


Why Vote for the Project?

As well as being of technical merit, the project will provide a concrete tool for the Manchester organisation  Community Arts North West. Here are some good reasons to vote for the project:

The project will create a simple to use, attractive website which will showcase the high quality training documents, lesson plans and learning activities. CAN training participants will be able to download these materials for free. It will be a great resource for CAN artists to use when planning their own workshops in the area of digital art and using the web for communication. We will use all of our skills and experience to make the website work so it is as easy to use as possible to find the resources you need.

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About Do IT

Do IT, is a training course run by Community Arts North West for artists to help them use low cost technology to spread the word about their work and learn digital production skills. Following success of last year, the good news is Do IT course – will happen this year too, watch for more details.

I’m moving on to teaching new computing curriculum at schools, starting a PGCE course in September. This summer I’d like to do work on the resources for the Artists Do IT course.

We think we have come up with a great formula to help artists, small business and people active in communities to pick up new skills in getting their message across with social media and media production. And here’s a project to help spread the word – Duct Tape University.

We need your help to make the project happen! Please vote for it here.