Quick Links for Info-Activism Tools and Techniques

I’ve done work for Tactical Tech for their tool kit on information activism. They do a great job of presenting the list of tools in an interactive way. Most of these links point to their work with supplementary links to go more into security detail (mostly FLOSS Manuals work).

Resources including Tactical Tech toolkits

Resources including Tactical Tech toolkits

At a recent workshop we explored how working with social media fit into a long history of info activism which included pamphlets, film and video activism, poster art etc. What can we learn from those movements? Some links are shared below.


This is a huge area so here are some highlights to inspire you.

5 C stages of social media Content, Conversation, Collaboration, Community and Collective Intelligence. Gaurav Mishra indicates that most social media campaigns stall between the Conversation and Collaboration stage, and few ever make it to the Collective Intelligence stage. Read his article here.


The main resource I would recommend  is here – https://howto.informationactivism.org/tools

The tools are listed in several categories including – Audio, Collaborative, Image, Mobile,Outreach, Print, Security, Video

The following guides are useful for more in depth help.

History of Info Activism

The internet is the latest medium of info-activism. What lessons can we learn from the past. Is the internet the best example of Read / Write culture, a medium perfect for 2 way dialogue?


Other useful sites and links: