Invitation to sign up for a course on collaborative workshops

I’m helping to run a course on delivering workshop which is going to be hosted on as part of the School of Open. I’ve designed some badges and we are due to start sign up on the 22nd of July. While I like to think that we have added our own special touch, most materials have been gathered from existing sources. The one thing they all have in common is that they are all published under open licences.

The main sources have their own excellent websites so if you want to go straight to the source then check them out here;

Would you like to be a part of this course? Maybe you already know a bit about delivering workshops and would like to share your experiences? Maybe you are new to workshops and facilitation? Perhaps you can join this course with some of your colleagues as a way of learning together?

Open Badges for delivering workshops

Open Badges for delivering workshops

One of the reasons that I am helping to run this course is to use it as a way of doing some professional development. I’ve spend some time working with partners from Creative Commons and the to research and pull together some of what we feel are the best introductory materials and techniques on delivering collaborative and interactive workshops.

This course is a way of bringing existing materials to a new audience on new platforms ( and FLOSS Manuals). Also by remixing them into an online course it allows people to share their experiences while they work through the materials and suggestions for planning a workshop.

We are adding Open Badges into the mix too. We are keeping it simple. If you plan a workshop you can submit it for peer review to get a badge. And if you deliver a workshop and take photos and write up your learning, well that deserves a badge too.


Image from Seeds for Change

Though online discussion via comments, and via live group chat sessions we hope to build a community of people who will plan and then ideally deliver a workshop with peer support from other course participants.

If you are new to delivering workshops then this is a great opportunity to learn from a great group of trainers some of whom have some fantastic experiences to share.

On the other hand, this course is a perfect chance for existing trainers to experiment with this online learning tool and community. You can dip a toe in the water while working with familiar subject matter.

To sign up visit the course home page, click on Start Course on the left of the column. You will need to sign up for
If you have any questions you can find me on @mickfuzz on twitter or email me on – mickfuzz at – also check out the and School of Open communities and mailing lists too.