Feeback wanted for upcoming course on Collaborative workshops



Hey you lot out there  Рmaybe you can help provide feedback for an upcoming online course on Collaborative workshops.

It’s online here in draft form. https://p2pu.org/en/courses/77/collaborative-workshops-in-informal-learning-spaces/
It’s by me, Jane Park and Jessica Coates and Billy, we have all worked together to get this far.

My feeling is that there is some great resources there from Aspiration Tech and from UK groups like Seeds for Change and Rhizome, but it really needs some pulling together.

In all honesty I’m a bit frazzled from other work that I’ve been doing and I think we would all really welcome some help on this. After all the clue is in the title!

Have a look at the material and give us some feedback on what you think works, what needs to be replaced or re-written.  where do we need to write more. If you think the scope is unclear, you could help with suggestions. Are we aiming too wide? What would be useful to you if you were taking this course.It should be an interesting job to do as the material is great. Get me on mick at clearerchannel dot org with feedback if you can. Or as comments on the course.