Clearer Channel Film Screenings

I’m getting short films together for a couple of film screenings this weekend. Can anyone suggest short punchy interesting films, activism, action, art, aware music etc.

I love film screenings. I used to do loads. I would be up for collaborating on sourcing films to present in blog posts that were easy for people to download and re-screen. Who’s up for it.

Please email me on mickfuzz at – or make a comment on this blog post.

[edit] Compiled Responses

I’m putting some responses as part of this post.Thanks loads for the feedback!

Here's the ones that penguin and mike organize at OARC not sure how many
are available for download.

I put on RIP -- a remix manifesto at OARC a year or so back. That can be
downloaded from

There is also a good collection of freely downloadable films of more
general interest at:

and another from Yoav.

a short documentary I made in the West Bank, called Susya.  
It's 15 minutes long, and had a pretty good run in festivals
- Berlinale, IDFA, hot docs, etc. Here it is on youtube:

Some good videos on Vision on TV!!