Call out for first Manchester Open Rights Group meet up

Open Rights Group Manchester
Tuesday 28th August – 7pm at the Lass o Gowrie
36 Charles Street, Manchester, M1 7DB
It’s our first meeting of ORG Manchester. Come and get involved to help set the focus and scope of the group.
What is ORG (Open Rights Group)?
The Open Rights Group exists to preserve and promote your rights in the digital age. Our freedoms are under attack in the digital world: from  governments and vested business interests. So we campaign against  threats to your rights.
We work on issues ranging from e-voting to copyright, open data and privacy.
We do this by talking to policy-makers and other activists and  working with other campaign groups (both here and abroad). We raise the  profile of these issues and present our arguments through conventional  and social media. And of key importance, we mobilise our supporters to take part in our campaigns, for example by contacting their MP.
Why a local group for Manchester?
Well it’s better than shouting at the TV. ORG is encouraging local groups to form to take further action on some of the most vital issues we face. We are keen to campaign against legislation like the ‘Snooper’s Charter’, Internet Censorship, ACTA (we won this one!) and whatever challenges to Internet freedoms come up next.
The Open Rights Group has also had good successes with ‘Open Data’, getting the government to free up access to mapping and council data. Local groups may be able to take this work further.
And besides campaigning and lobbying, local groups are also a great forum for interesting speakers and new ideas in the areas of digital freedoms and free culture. There is a list of speakers who are happy to visit Manchester to speak at a local ORG group. Who should we invite first?
How can I get involved?
Please come to our founding meeting if you can on Tuesday 28th August, 7pm at the Lass o Gowrie in the ‘snug’ area. Or if you can’t make the meeting then please join our email list which you can sign up for here -