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The Web was meant to be Everything. As the Internet as a whole assumes an increasingly commanding role as the technology of global commerce and communication, the World Wide Web from its very inception was designed
to be a free and open medium through which human knowledge is created, accessed and exchanged. But, that Web is in danger of coming to a close. This book shows what is happening and how you can play an important role in keeping the web open.

An Open Web was written in 5 days by 6 collaborators. Zero to book in 5 days. It was an intensive process and loads of fun. The collaborators met 9am Monday with no more text written than the title and 5 days later
published the book. This process is known as a ‘Book Sprint’ is an intensive and innovative methodology for the rapid development of books saw five people locked in a room in Berlin’s CHB for five days to produce a book with the sole guiding meme being the title – An Open Web. They had to create the concept, write the book, and output it to print in 5 days.

An Open Web was written by Alejandra Perez Nuñez (Chile), Christopher Adams (USA), Bassel Safadi (Syria), Mick Fuzz (UK), Jon Phillips (USA), and Michelle Thorne (DE) with Sprint Facilitation by Adam Hyde (NZ).

The process opened up a new and networked discussion focusing on a new vocabulary about the Open Web. As the transmediale.11 publication the Book Sprint was based on an idea by Adam Hyde and Stephen Kovats to enact the festivals investigation of this theme.

This web is not only about the Open Web but it was made by the Open Web. Open Web publishing at its best – written in 100% free software and open for anyone to contribute – including YOU. You can improve the book and and keep it alive! All contributions are welcome!

You can also read the book online, download the free EPUB (for mobile devices and ereaders) and buy the beautiful paper book. All available from :

The Book Sprint crew would like to acknowledge and deeply thank Stephen Kovats without which this sprint would not have happened. Also many thanks to : The CHB, Aleksandar Erkalovic, Barry Threw, and Mike Linksvayer.

An Open Web available NOW :

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The Book Sprint was held in Berlin January 17-21 2011, sponsored by Transmediale and FLOSS Manuals and the CHB.

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