Hosted blogging – Stop censorship – Upgrade the Struggle

There is a new test site of a WordPress Network (similar to the set up at to see if we could run hosted blogging as a service.

There are advantages to inviting groups to use a hosted service run by a community collective rather than one run by a more ‘official’ setup. The main one is we would be able to provide a service which doesn’t log the ip addresses of visitors or posters to the blog. A good aim in a struggle for online free speech. has been handing over IP addresses of UK bloggers due to legal pressure. See the cases of University of Salford and the Bristol Blogger.

WordPress blogs are able to provide podcasts and image galleries quite simply. They will also be able to embed video from sites like Indymedia.

We have several test sites up and running. If you would like to test them out please get in touch via the hacktionlab network or indymedia networks.

Audio Blog – http://
Images Blog –
Video Blog –
Pop Ed Blog –

Aggregator –

The next bit of work to do it to test out these blogs, work out what plugins are needed, work out how we are going to work as a collective and stuff like that….